Una stamus Nos Cadite Divisa


We wear the American Lawman on our back's with pride. It represents the things that mean the most to us and the job we do. The American flag with the blue line represents the great country that we have sworn to defend. The crossed shotgun and rifle are the tools that allow us to protect ourselves and other citizens. The skull represents those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and laid their lives down in service to their community. The badge in the eye represents the symbol of our profession and that duty is always in our vision. The teeth represent those of the sheepdog. Law Enforcement is made up of sheepdogs who protect their flock at all costs. The teeth also hold an extra special meaning and representation in our brotherhood. They represent K9 Cai, a fallen K9 partner of one of our brothers. K9 Cai gave years of dedicated service and ended his watch on 07/14/2017.

We are a band of brothers that consider ourselves family. We value the tenants of Brotherhood, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust; our founding beliefs and principles. We are a group of Law Enforcement Officers that started coming together in 2011. By 2015 we became an unstoppable force in the LEMC world. We are a 100% sworn Law Enforcement MC of brothers that were lucky enough to meet and form an everlasting bond. We continue every day to hold our values and beliefs dear to heart. Our founding members were previously united under a different name, however, decided in late 2015 to disassociate with that brand and create something new that was better suited to the values of our brotherhood. We love the freedom and peace of the open road.  We founded the principles of Brotherhood, Integrity, Loyalty, and Trust. We take them to heart and are not willing to accept brothers that don't agree with that mind set. We do not affiliate with 1% clubs or their support clubs.

Our patch was designed, with input from our founding members, by graphic designer Stan Lane. Check out Stan's website, and contact him for any design work, big or small!


Brother in Arms

Our Brother's in Arms are non-sworn civilians who share in our core values of Brotherhood, Integrity, Loyalty, and Trust, but don't wear a badge everyday. This patch is awarded to an EXTREMELY select few we trust to allow close to our brotherhood.

Our Patch

The American Lawman​